I308 (Wild) Spring 2013 - Essential Information

Course Description
The real world is full of many kinds of different things: some of them complex, some simple; some physical, some conceptual. How we represent these things on computers is central to all of informatics. This course will help you understand what you need to know about representation from the simplest, smallest things (1's and 0's) to large complex networks.
INFO-I 101, I 201 and (I 210 or CSCI-C 211).
Professor David Wild (Section Wild)
djwild @ indiana.edu
Website http://djwild.info
Phone 812-856-1848
Office: Informatics West Rm 207
Office Hours: Tuesday 1pm-3pm
Associate Instructors
Jasleen Kaur, Santosh Manicka, Abhik Seal
To contact the instructor and all AI's, send an email to I308HELP-L@INDIANA.EDU
Meeting Times
Mondays and Wednesdays 1.00-2.15pm in WH 004 (Woodburn Hall)
LAB A - Thursdays 9.05-9.55 in BH308 (Student Building).
LAB B - Thursdays 10.10-11.00 in BH308 (Student Building).
Outline Syllabus
Introductory materials (including mathematical prerequisites); representation of basic entities (numbers and text); representation of complex entities (including images, audio and video); general representation topics (including data models, databases, optimization, encryption and compression); representation on the web (including XML, RDF); human aspects of representation; case studies
Attendance & Behavior
You are expected to attend all lectures on time. An attendance register will not be kept for lectures, BUT if you miss a class it is up to you to catch up (office hours is not for making up for missing a class). If for an exceptional reason you have to be away from class for a period of time, you should discuss it with the instructor in advance. Laptops are permitted in class but you may be asked to close them (VOLUME OFF!). Cellphones should be turned off altogether or set to be completely silent (no vibrate). The principles of academic honesty and professional ethics will be vigorously enforced in this course, following the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, and the School of Informatics Academic Regulations. Cases of academic misconduct (including cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, interference, or facilitating academic dishonesty) will be reported to IUB Office of Student Ethics, a branch of the Office of the Dean of Students. Your submission of work to be graded in this class implies acknowledgment of this policy. If you need clarification or have any questions, please see the instructor during office hours.
Course text
There is no set book for this course, although a variety of materials will be made available in class and particularly through this wiki site.
There are two forms of communication:
1. http://i308.wikispaces.com for dissemination of materials and information about the class
2. Email and office hours are the primary form of contact for the Instructor and AI's (see above). Please use the I308HELP-L@INDIANA.EDU address for all general requests for help about the course. If you send me an email directly, please be sure to include the text "I308" in any email subject line
3. The Oncourse site will be used primarily for assignments and for grading.
Class Cancellations
If a class is cancelled, an email will be sent to the regular Oncourse class list, and also the I308ALERT-L@INDIANA.EDU list. You can subscribe to this second list with your email address and/or text message email address at
https://list.indiana.edu/sympa/info/i308alert-l .There is only one event that triggers an automatic cancellation: a declared IU emergency (see http://emergency.service.indiana.edu/). If you feel you cannot safely get to class, or something prevents you getting to class, please contact an instructor or associate instructor as soon as possible.
Specific Emergencies
Fire: If the fire alarm goes off during class, we will stop immediately and you should proceed in an orderly fashion out through the nearest clear exit to the assembly point without further instruction. There are exits to the right and left as you leave WH004.
Medical: Dial 911 on a cellphone in the case of a medical emergency, stating the nature of the problem and the fact you are in Woodburn 004. The instructor can give initial medical assistance.
Tornado: Follow directions of the instructor, which may include exiting into the corridor. Keep away from windows.
Active Shooter: Watch the Run-Hide-Fight video in advance. Since WH004 has glass in the doors the best options are escape if you can (the windows don't open, so has to be out of the doors) or hide and prepare to fight. Do not wait for instructions if something is going on.
Campus Lockdown: If you get a text message about a campus lockdown, tell the instructor immediately.
Winter weather emergency: A decision will be made and emailed out by the instructor 1 hour prior to the class, based on the weather conditions. If you feel you cannot safely get to class because of the weather, then you should not attend in these circumstances.

Your final grade will be derived from four sources:
50% Weekly assignments (usually 5% each; the best 10 scores out of 11 assignments will be used)
25% Midterm examination
25% Final Examination
The minimum scores for each grade are:
A+ 97; A 93; A- 90; B+ 87; B 83; B- 80; C+ 77; C 73; C- 70; D+ 67; D 63; D- 60
You must keep track of your grade and if necessary improve your work throughout the course to get the grade you desire. There are no options to get "extra credit" to up your grade.
Lab sessions & weekly assignments
The purpose of the lab session is to give your practical, hands-on experience with the concepts discussed in the lectures, including help with assignments and practical experience with tools such as SQL. Attendance is highly encouraged, and some labs which involve weekly assignments will be mandatory. You should arrive promptly at the start of the allocated lab time.

Assignments will be created in OnCourse typically every week on Friday, and will be due on Friday the following week via OnCourse. No late assignments will be accepted in general. An extension due to illness or extended absence will require a medical note or a Dean's note. Students must inform the AIs of scheduled interviews, job fairs, and other academic activities at least 48 hours in advance of the deadline and obtain permission for such an extension.
Religious observances
We realize that some students may wish to take part in religious observances that fall during this academic semester. Should you have a religious observance that conflicts with your participation in the course, please come speak with your instructor before the end of the second week of the semester to discuss appropriate accommodations.

Special accommodations
Please let your instructor know before the end of the second week of the semester if you have any disabilities and would like me to make appropriate accommodations. All discussions will remain confidential, although the Disability Services office may be consulted to discuss appropriate implementation of any accommodation requested.